Bonded Warehousing

When conducting a refresh of an entire estate to benefit from new technological advancements and retain competitive edge, organisations must ensure that:

  • The technical specification of the product remains constant throughout the duration of the project, even if the refresh is programmed to run for extended periods of time
  • The supply constraints from global manufacturers witnessing troughs in component availability does not impede the project deliverables
  • The image management and drive for standardisation is not compromised by changes mid-project by issues outside of your control
  • The project budgets can be qualified and confirmed at the outset of the refresh negating the need for further unforeseen capital expenditure.

SCC’s bonded warehousing solution enables you to secure stock against your project requirement and utilise the services of our Bonded Distribution Centre.

Key Benefits

  • SCC has its own purpose-built dedicated bonded centre to secure customer stock
  • The centre has huge latent capacity capable of reacting to your urgent demands ensuring your stock management needs meet your project deadlines
  • The service is part of our overall integrated supply chain service offering and can therefore leverage logistics capability and best practise processes
  • The ability to despatch your bonded stock alongside any new purchase requests will reduce carriage costs
  • As our bonded stock operation is independent, it can service your complex projects whilst not compromising any run rate business requirements.