Lifecycle™ by SCC

SCC’s electronic procurement services can substantially reduce your administration and transaction costs associated with purchasing IT equipment.

Lifecycle™ is our unified toolset with which our customers conduct both product and service transactions with SCC through a web-based interface.

Lifecycle™ comprises the whole cycle of infrastructure deployments with every transaction from procurement through to disposal, carried out with a single consistent tool.

The feature-rich application suite enables customers to raise orders, request Installations, Moves, Additions or Changes (IMAC), view order status, raise incidents, view reports and accounting information and more.

Lifecycle™ is easily integrated into your procurement systems so that any orders placed with us for services or products can be sent to Lifecycle™ directly from your system.

Reducing Cost

We work collaboratively with our customers to reduce the cost of end-to-end IT procurement and associated services, whilst improving customer satisfaction. We deal independently with over 1,000 suppliers to act as a one-stop-shop for our customers.

Lifecycle™ is designed to support the products and services that the customer takes from us with a high level of modularity allowing you to make it fit your business to include whatever functionality you need. However, the more functionality you use, the greater the cost and performance benefits that can be realised.

Organisations that have taken end-to-end Lifecycle services have typically minimised costs and maximised performance improvement over their contract period.

At a basic level, Lifecycle™ can be configured as a simple catalogue from which the customer purchases equipment online by credit card.

As your business starts to evolve and you begin to take on other services from SCC, we can transition seamlessly to a fully configured account which will provide the complete range of functionality allowing you to raise and track incidents, request installations, view reports and other services.