Installs, Moves, Additions, Changes

The main business challenges in deciding whether or not to outsource IMAC services are based around cost-savings and the freeing of resource to focus on core business activity.

Consistent planning is required to reduce costs and ensure tasks are completed efficiently, with flexible resources and knowing exactly how to optimise the right skills for the right tasks.

Acting as a central hub, SCC can control installation and manage desktop refresh, supporting both volume and unplanned requests performed outside of normal business hours.

Our Capability

Desktop IMAC are core competencies for SCC and form an integrated part of our desktop managed service portfolio, allowing intelligent use of resources to shrink ownership costs.

Orders can be created and paired with IMAC services to trigger the activity to pass through a gateway into our unified toolset where the resource can be scheduled.

This allows the customer and internal teams to coordinate and track jobs effectively, enabling jobs to be completed successfully within a single visit, improving user satisfaction and management overheads.

We have well established processes covering all aspects of IMAC. These labour-intensive, non-fault related hardware and software activities vary in technical demand and we have developed the flexibility of our IMAC group.


Our IMAC operations are designed for full accountability, with SCC taking ownership of the operation from receipt of Request for Change, through qualification, planning and approval to delivery and sign-off by the business customer.

We recognise the business user as the real customer in any service solution and will work with your Desktop Services to agree and define customer sign-off and satisfaction documentation appropriate to your culture and internal processes.

The volume of IMAC work orders being placed would be continually monitored and assessed by the SDM and peaks would be managed accordingly with extra resource trained to your standard being brought in to help complete any tasks within the SLA.