Retain the competitive edge

We enable improved supply chain management processes and the rapid deployment of new technologies which help businesses retain a competitive edge.

With 300,000 physical items processed last year and the capability to bench and build 500,000 devices annually, SCC helps customers to streamline their IT delivery as an important step in the supply chain by decreasing time-to-desk and facilitating a tighter focus on core business activity.

The Challenge

Some organisations struggle to keep up with technology or do not have the time to scale their IT capacity to business requirements.

IT directors are under increasing pressure to cut capital expenditure and reduce annual operating costs while still providing technologies to deliver improved services.

The time and resource taken up by the rollout of an updated IT estate, plus subsequent service desk requirements could be better utilised if they were focused on core business activity.

Detailed asset tracking is vital in ensuring traceability of IT assets from inception until the end of the lifecycle.

Our Capability

Our Configuration Services are suited to any organisation, delivering savings of up to 50% on the cost of configuration to an in-house IT Team and the time it takes to purchase, deploy and configure the new system.

Key Facts:

  • Annual 500,000 device bench and build capability
  • 800 builds per shift to agreed service levels
  • 300,000 physical items processed in 2012
  • Save up to 50% on the cost of in-house configuration
  • We work around 8 times faster than an in-house IT team
  • Agreed service levels to suit your organisation
  • Purpose-built state of the art Configuration Centre